Bezirgan is a delightful and relaxing, unspoilt village about 17 kms and a 25 minute drive from Kalkan and 10-15 minutes further on from Islamlar

It offers a respite from the summer heat and cooling mountain breezes, so is a favoured spot for day trips as well as 'away from it all' holidays.

The drive up from the D400 junction at Kalkan is wonderful and is a winding, scenic drive providing mountain, village and sea views of the sparkling Mediterranean down below. The scenery changes as you ascend, revealing the full natural beauty of the area.

Bezirgan is famous for its sheep and goats milk products, local honey, fruit orchards, agricultural crops and fields of grazing land for the local farm animals.

There are village snack places in all villages, but a wider choice of restaurants in Islamlar and wider again in Kalkan.

A popular format is to do a weekly shop, BBQ at home most days and venture out for lunches or evening sunset dinners at local village or Kalkan town restaurants.

You will find the village restaurants serving local, mostly organic and delicious food at a lot cheap price than Kalkan town.

Our personal favourites are the fresh rocket with a squeeze of lemon, the local fried cheese, local bread and organic honey all topped with walnuts...... then maybe a fresh local fish like bream or trout as a main course.