What does Keci Evi mean and why is that its name?

Keci Evi means the goat house.

The previous owners owned a very large male goat who was gorgeous but had a temper worse than a grumpy teenager on their worst day ever. Seriously, when he went off on one, even the bees scattered.

Only one person could control him -…

So much time.....

We were reading a report recently that said 60 per cent of UK holidaymakers are now more likely to consider staying in an independent property than they were five years ago.

What took you all so long?

Once you have experienced the joy and freedom of a beautiful Turkish Villa…

Trip Advisor announces their Top 10 Beaches in Turkey

Trip Advisor have confirmed the Travellers Choice Top 10 beaches in Turkey........ and guess what?

Our Turkish Villas are located in perfect positions to enjoy them !

1st = Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan perfect for our Dalyan and Gokbel villas
3rd = Kaputas Beach, near Kalkan, perfect for our Kalkan…

Choose natural on your Turkish Villa Holiday.

Not only is the lovely fresh mountain spring water and fresh squeezed fruit juice cheap and delicious in Turkey, it vastly reduces your children's sugar intake over canned soft drinks too.

All Inclusive hotels often promote sugared drinks for children and adults - good for them but not good for…

What's the best time of day to search for the cheapest flights?

Airlines regularly hold tickets back, so when a flight is shown as full, its not necessarily so !

Airlines normally release held tickets in the mornings, so searching earlier in the morning gives you the best chance of securing any newly released tickets and so the cheapest flights available that day.


Turkish Villa Holidays tip for getting the best flight prices

Many flight companies monitor the browsing history of customers visiting their site looking for flights. Repeat visitors often get quoted more for flights because the flight company knows you keep looking, so must be keen to book.

So the Turkish Villa Holidays top tip is:

Keep deleting your browser history…

The Book Now button - but what exactly are you booking?

There is no doubt that the internet is now the normal place to buy and book many things much more easily - which suits our busy lifestyles.

But do you know exactly what you're booking and exactly who you're booking with?

Villa holidays can be made to look great because the images…

Turkish Villa Holidays Speak at Awards Launch

Robert from Turkish Villa Holidays was a guest speaker at this months launch of the SWBOYAwards.   He explained the process that Turkish Villa Holidays went through in winning the 2014 Marketing Excellence Award, the benefits of the stringent judging visit to those who enter and the benefits of winning…