Why rent a Konak rather than a villa in Turkey?

Konak Pronounced phonetically in Turkish "konak" is a name for a grand country house in Turkey. The name derives from the days of the Ottoman Empire when it became known as a type of property typically used as an official residence.

Classical in design and on a grand scale that impresses from the moment you see it to when you leave, a Konak style property offers a completely different holiday experience from an identikit hotel or modern villa.

Limonlu Konak in Dalyan is a great example of konak style property. An imposing residence set within its own extensive grounds and orchards, Limonlu Konak feels like you have rented a country house hotel all to yourself.

Limonlu in Turkish means "with lemons" so the descriptions for this beautiful house would be the country house with lemons - this is on account of it's lemon orchards that surround the extensive lawned gardens and pool.

It really is like you've been invited to a party at a country house hotel.

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