What does Keci Evi mean and why is that its name?

Keci Evi means the goat house.

The previous owners owned a very large male goat who was gorgeous but had a temper worse than a grumpy teenager on their worst day ever. Seriously, when he went off on one, even the bees scattered.

Only one person could control him - the tiny, sweet old lady who lived at the house with her family...... and the goat was as big as her.

There were no fences in the village in those days, so the goat would wander off sometimes. When it entered a neighbour's garden - or house if the door was open, the neighbour's would not try and move it - they'd call to the owner to come and get it as they were aware of its reputation!

When we were looking at the house to buy it we were walking back to the car and the goat went mental and decided he didn't like us. The funny thing was it was just at the time that our Turkish friend had said the goat would make a fantastic turlu - a goat hair rug. We guess that as it was Turkish, the goat spoke Turkish !

Vivien and our Turkish friend ran to the car, but Rob took one for the team and stood up to the goat to buy some time for the others.

Rob grabbed the goats horns and a full on wrestle commenced. The goat was starting to get the best of it, but luckily the children made such a noise laughing at the situation the goat heard them and turned his anger on them. Rob dashed for the car and turned in time to see the goat chasing the children and their dog. They all knew the goat well and had ready made hiding places so they were safe in good time, even though the lady was watching, and heartily laughing at Rob, too.

It was true though, when the dust settled, even the cicada's had stopped making their noise and the bees had gone...... and an eary stillness settled down on us all

10 years on, Keci Evi is one of the beautiful villas in our Gokbel portfolio at www.turkishvillaholidays.com