The Turquoise Coast of Turkey

All our resorts are on the famous Turquoise Coast of Turkey - but why is it famous and why is it known as the turquoise coast?

It is because the water all along this part of the coast is the most beautiful turquoise colour - you simply have to see it to believe it, no matter where you have traveled in the world.

The colour is caused by three unique factors coming together:

1. The water is clean and crystal clear

2. The sun is bright and shines brilliantly through the clean air

3. The mountains plunge into the water to a sandy or light rock coloured bed

When swimming or snorkelling it is normal to see 20m plus through the water to the seabed, but is a paddle off the beach is more your thing then beaches like Kaputas beach near our Kalkan villas provides the same colours - you wont forget your first sighting from above the beach.

If you want a villa near a perfect spot on the Turquoise coast then contact us - we have over 110 gorgeous villas available to you from 2-9 bedrooms at