The Book Now button - but what exactly are you booking?

There is no doubt that the internet is now the normal place to buy and book many things much more easily - which suits our busy lifestyles.

But do you know exactly what you're booking and exactly who you're booking with?

Villa holidays can be made to look great because the images are easily photogenic, easy to copy.....easy to fake. This is why every year there are a few unfortunate holidaymakers who arrive in a foreign country only to find the villa they booked doesn't exist - and nor does the 'company' they booked with anymore. They often trace it back to the book now button being just too easy to press.

Turkish Villa Holidays Ltd are a family owned and operated, bonefide UK registered company, number 07288557, we pay our taxes and plan to be around for our children and grand children to inherit the business reins.

We are easy to check out..... but think for a moment about the last villa holidays you booked yourself. How much research did you do on the company as opposed to the actual villa? Makes you think doesn't it?

We do everything possible to help show our clients that we are a genuine and secure booking option, guaranteed to be around when you're in Turkey and long after you come back.

Why not contact us -we're always happy to talk Turkey