So much time.....

We were reading a report recently that said 60 per cent of UK holidaymakers are now more likely to consider staying in an independent property than they were five years ago.

What took you all so long?

Once you have experienced the joy and freedom of a beautiful Turkish Villa Holiday you will never go back to those tired old hotel buffets, those interminable reps meetings or ever have to set the early alarm to battle for a sunbed ever again.

According to the report, when looking for the perfect rental people are taking their time, with many people spending up to 120 hours searching for their dream accommodation.

That's not taking time, it's wasting time. Why would you do that when Turkish Villa Holidays have over 100 of the finest, loveliest villas available to you from 2 to 9 bedrooms in four of the most gorgeous areas of Turkey? Mountain retreats, village houses, family villas with pools or luxurious palaces by the sea, we have it all in our resorts of Kalkan, Islamlar, Dalyan and Gokbel.

So why not contact Turkish Villa Holidays today - not only will you get independent expert advice form over 20 years and hundreds of travels in Turkey, you may just save yourself 120 hours of fruitless searching...... and imagine what you could do with those 120 hours !

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