Fancy holidaying in an eagle

Well, we don't do eagles nests, we're exclusively a private villa company.... but we can offer an eagle's nest style view.

Villa Ottoman Garden in Islamlar is a lovely mountain village house with the most wonderful pool terrace that looks over uninterrupted panoramic views of Islamlar village, the foothills of the Taurus mountains and Kalkan Bay.

Standing on the edge of the fenced terrace gazing out over the view you really do feel like an eagle surveying its territory - however there are village bakers ,restaurants and shops selling delicious local organic produce, so there's no need to eat carrion !

Islamlar village is gorgeously unspoilt. Just a 15 minute drive from the bustle of Kalkan it is a world away in holiday living. The ultimate get away from it all destination it guarantees to unwind even the most stressed or tired holidaymaker.

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